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  1. l10n 2.7 English my relase

    can you play the game in ENU now? how you fixed it? please tell us more detail. I already download your l10n
  2. So I want to know how you defeated the boss and the gates are intact. You are also the bug user. By the way, the player ID: selin, he must have cheated. The most obvious evidence is his speed of movement, which cannot catch up with him anyway.
  3. Idiot GM. Why treat ely and asm differently? Last time ely use bugs beated our bakabata. Now we also use the map bug reasonably. Why dragon takes the fortress, you return it back to ely? Asm are treated unfairly! You modify the data too biased. Every time asm fortress guardian’s blood is much lower than ely’s, and the dragon is much stranger than ely’s. It's not fair. Does this mean driving us out of the server? Does your GM has friends in ely, or GM is a ely player? We stay this server not for being treated unfairly. Some ely players use plug-in and use account as spy, GM turn a blind eye! This time, you gone to far! Asm friends, it's better for everyone to give up and go to play ely, we can be treated well in ely.
  4. няшки

    how many people do you have
  5. I exchanged the wrong equipment with gold medals and points. Can you return the gold medals and points to me in the game? You know, in the current situation, the game resources are really precious. This is a big loss for me. I ’m sad. I hope you can help me. game id supervitality
  6. Siege is too difficult with the current number of people, I hope to reduce the difficulty appropriately